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The Soviet Union, ambiguous, controversially valued by the society, is still an integral part of our history.

Soviet lifestyle still takes place in many regions of Russia.

Let’s look at the dust of history through the prism of modernity. We’ll take the Motherland of Lenin as an example.

Balconies of one of the old dwelling-houses. A little has changed since the Soviet times.


Lenin Memorial.

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Memoirs of Brezhnev.

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This locker is of early Soviet period.


These radios were popular, but were still considered a luxury item.

Agricultural harvester.


Soviet flip calendar.


Apparently, this entrance participated in socialistic competition once.


Maternity hospital.

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One of the young Lenin monuments.


Ulyanovsk, Old Railroad Station.

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Eugene Chuchkalov, Russian Honored Doctor, Candidate of Medical Science. One of the largest city hospitals is named after him.

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Devices for telecommunication.

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Visitors of the regional committee hospital. Hospital named after Dr. Chuchkalov.


Assembly Hall.


All photos above are contemporary.

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